Peer Reviews

Peer Review Background

The objective of Peer Reviews of solicitations and contracts is to ensure consistent policy implementation, to improve the quality of contracting processes, and to facilitate cross-sharing of best practices and lessons learned throughout DoD. The Office of the Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP), organizes teams of reviewers and facilitates Peer Reviews for all solicitations valued at $1 billion or more and for all contracts for services valued at $1 billion or more. In addition, the rule requires the military departments, defense agencies, and DoD field activities to establish procedures for pre-award Peer Review of solicitations valued at less than $1 billion, and post award Peer Review of contracts for services valued at less than $1 billion.

DoD issued a final rule amending the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) to address requirements for Peer Reviews of DoD solicitations and contracts on July 29, 2009. The intent of the reviews is to promote quality and consistency in DoD contracting.

The DFARS, PART 237—SERVICE CONTRACTING, Section 237.102 Policy, has also been amended to add that (e) Program officials shall obtain assistance from contracting officials through the Peer Review process at 201.170.

The OSD Peer Review program is implemented in accordance with DoDI 5000.74 and DFARS Part 201.

Post Award Peer Review Process

DPAP Services Acquisition (SA) conducts annual post-award peer reviews of DoD services contracts valued at $1B or more (including options).

Pre-Award peer reviews are conducted by DPAP, Contract Policy and International Contracting,

Best Practices in Services Acquisition

Several Best Practices have been identified during the Post Award Peer Reviews; click here for a summary of them.