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JULY. 25, 2016

DoD's stress reliever: A new forecasting tool to ease fourth quarter buying spree: This article highlights key points made during Ken Brennan's recent remarks to the Association of Program Management Professionals and focuses on his comments related to the importance of developing enhanced procurement forecasting capabilities.

JUN. 16, 2016

GSA hooks another big customer under OASIS: This article highlights the recent signature of an MOU between the Department of the Defense and the General Services Administration regarding the use of One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services - a multiple award, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity strategic sourcing vehicle.

JUN. 13, 2016

A future where price is no longer a factor for many RFPs: This article highlights shifting perspectives on the evaluation of pricing proposals relative to vendors' capabilities, past performance and overall skillsets in multiple award concepts. Mr. Brennan is quoted in the article.

JUN. 13, 2016

Outcomes Matter More Than Ever in Services Contracting: This article explores the role of Performance Based Acquisitions (PBA) and category management principles in the successful acquisition of services. The author highlights important frameworks being employed by the Department of Defense and the General Services Administration which leverage a team-based approach to leveraging services acquisitions throughout their lifecycle.

JUN. 06, 2016

Release of the Professional Services Council 2016 Acquisition Policy Survey - "Aligning for Acquisition Success: Overcoming Obstacles to Results": The survey reports on interviews of senior government procurement executives and practitioners about the state of federal procurement practices, policies, and the acquisition environment. The survey captures opinions and insights on the current state of the acquisition profession, noteworthy trends, and future challenges and opportunities. It covers six core areas impacting federal acquisition: workforce, budget, communication and collaboration, access to innovation, oversight and compliance, and facing the future.

APR. 06, 2016

Personal Services Contracts: Is it Time to Lift the Ban. This article describes what constitutes a personal services contract, the legal limitations of such contracts, and the delicate line dividing non-personal and personal services. It goes on to examine the utility of the ban in the context of the blended workforce as well as issues for consideration in lifting the ban. This article is editorial in nature and posting here does not imply endorsement by DPAP.

FEB. 18, 2016

Off the Shelf - Category management, GSA schedules and more. In this podcast, Bill Gormley, Chair of the Coalition for Government Procurement, provides his thoughts on category management, GSA's Schedules Transformation initiative, the role of data in acquisition management and the current state of commercial item contracting.

FEB. 16, 2016

Risk - Intolerant Acquisition Processes Are Hurting Innovation. This article highlights a new report, "Innovation is a Contract Sport," by the Partnership for Public Service that examines the factors in the acquisition process that encourage innovative ideas to take hold in government. These include ways to share information, collaborate and most of all, to try new and creative approaches where a degree of risk is present.

FEB. 10, 2016

New Acquisition Tool Allows Agencies to Comparison Shop - This article highlights the rollout of the online Acquisition Gateway. The gateway enables members of the acquisition community to view procurement data, connect with like-minded professionals, and explore 10 "hallways" of products and services. The goal is to have the tool used by 10,000 acquisition workforce employees by the end of this year.

JAN. 27, 2016

Report: Defense Acquisition Hits Bottom, but Bounce back Will Be Slow - While not specifically related to services acquisition, this article highlights a Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) longitudinal study of defense acquisitions from 2000 through 2014. The report relies significantly on empirical analysis and contracting transaction data from Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) to examine overarching trends in the defense acquisition marketplace. The full report is available from CSIS at

DEC. 30, 2015

DoD looks to JELAs to streamline acquisitions - This article highlights the use of Joint Enterprise Licensing Agreements as a strategic sourcing tool that promotes "organizations merging their requirements for a specific project or service into a single agreement that is carefully tailored to meet all of their needs."

DEC. 18, 2015

Pentagon to Revise Rules for Private Sector Services - This article highlights the pending release of the DoD Instruction 5000 addressing the Defense Acquisition of Services and quotes Ms. Grady extensively based on her NCMA Government Contract Management Symposium remarks.

DEC. 15, 2015

Pentagon Grew the Acquisition Workforce, But Not Necessarily in the Right Places - This article highlights a newly released GAO report on the growth of the Acquisition Workforce while noting shortfalls in critical career fields.

DEC. 08, 2015

Adjusting Government's Buying Habits - This article discusses the use of category management in government acquisitions and includes a summary of remarks on the topic by Ken Brennan, Deputy Director, DPAP Services Acquisition.

OCT. 27, 2015

New DoD services acquisition policy almost final - This article highlights remarks offered by Col. Jim DeLong at the National Contract Management Association World Congress in Dallas, TX where he discussed several ongoing services acquisition initiatives with contract management professionals from the government, private industry, and academia.

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