News Archive - 2014

OCT. 28, 2014

New Services Acquisition Case Study Posted - This case study outlines the actual circumstances and challenges that faced a first-time squadron commander who was new to managing the large Award Fee service contract providing a majority of the installation mission and support services. Read how the new commander (who was not part of the acquisition corps) developed process and management improvements that led to improved contractor performance in delivering services critical to the success of the squadron, its mission and the quality of life for all base personnel.

APR. 7, 2014

Services Annual Report 2013

Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 was an exciting year in services acquisition for the Department of Defense (DoD) as improved acquisition oversight developed throughout the year with both prior initiatives and new initiatives, and the Services Acquisition (SA) office was established within the Office of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy. At the strategic level, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (USD(AT&L)) issued Better Buying Power (BBP) 2.0 in November 2012 with BBP 2.0 Implementing Guidance following in April 2013. Like the original BBP, version 2.0 includes a section on improving the tradecraft in the acquisition of services. Much of what is contained in this report directly supports BBP 2.0, as well as other initiatives that will improve DoD services acquisition. The reports are available here