Better Buying Power

Better Buying Power (BBP) is the implementation of best practices to strengthen the DoD's buying power and to improve industry productivity. Launched in 2010, BBP encompasses a set of fundamental acquistion princples to achieve greater efficiencies.

BBP 2.0BBP 2.0

The DoD is continuing to improve efforts in achieving greater efficiencies focusing on seven key areas identified and outlined in the BBP Implementation Directive for BBP 2.0 These areas range from achieving affordable programs to improving the professionalism of the total acquisition workforce.

Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) mandates Services Acquisition Workshops (SAWs) for contracts valued at over $1bb (unless waived) but recommends SAWs for contracts valued greater than $100mm. In October 2013, Mr. Kenneth M. Brennan, the Deputy Director of Services Acquistion, provided an update on BBP 2.0 assessing the effectiveness of SAWs in improving the efficiency and quality of service acquisitions.

The Defense Acquisition University presented their overview on the BBP initiative exploring how to both improve tradecraft and address the causes of poor tradecraft in services acquisition.

BBP 3.0BBP 3.0

Better Buying Power (BBP) is based on the principle that continuous improvement is the best approach to improving the performance of the defense acquisition enterprise. The evolution from BBP 1.0 to BBP 2.0 was based on the premise that emphasis would shift as initiatives were put in place, experience was accumulated, data was collected and analyzed, and conditions changed. BBP 3.0 continues that approach with a shift in emphasis toward achieving dominant capabilities through innovation and technical excellence. Improve Tradecraft in Acquisition of Services continues to be one of the major focus areas.

An important step in the service acquisition process is conducting market research, which contributes to achieving the BBP goal of improving the tradecraft in services acquisition. The Market Research Report Guide (v2.0) outlines a standard process for conducting and documenting market research for services acquisitions.