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Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

Defense Acquisition University provides training as well as professional and educational events. You can also use this site to request Services Acquisition Workshops and Targeted Training events provided at no cost to DoD organizations. Additional useful DAU links include:

  • Service Acquisition Mall which contains usable tools and templates to create your performance-based service acquisition requirements. The Mall consists of "Wings" and "Stores" that contain information related to categories of service. The SAM Convenience Store contains a multitude of Samples, Templates, Videos, and Video Transcripts which can be viewed and downloaded in one location. The Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) is also found here. The ARRT is an automated job assistance tool used to write performance-based requirements following the Requirements Roadmap process. Using the tool, you can create Performance Work Statements (PWS), Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QASP), and Performance Requirement Summaries (PRS). This tool is developed in Microsoft Office applications and generates Microsoft Word documents for use in your acquisition. The Requirements Definition Component embedded methodology produces better requirements. Its step-by-step approach guides the user through questions, using the answers to create the documents. This user guidance throughout the tool makes it easy to use while producing usable products.
  • DAU’s Acquipedia website:
  • DAU’s list of on-line training classes:
  • DAU 7-Step process film overview:
  • ARRT Overview - Evaluation Factors Component:
  • DAU Center for Defense Acquisition Research - Research Areas:


DAU Equivalency Program

DOD SCHOOLS, OTHER DOD/FEDERAL AGENCIES, and numerous other organization (colleges and universities, DoD schools, other federal agencies, commercial vendors, and professional societies) offer courses, programs or certifications which DAU will accept as equivalent to one or more DAU courses. Please visit DAU's Equivalency Program for the current listing of courses in the DAU Equivalency Program.


Naval Postgraduate School Graduate School of Business and Public Policy

GSBPP provides high quality management education to a new generation of military and civilian leadership. GSBPP reflects the need to manage the business side of national defense effectively to support its operational requirements. With concentrations in acquisition, program management, contracting, financial management, logistics, manpower and systems analysis, and information technology management, the depth and breadth of faculty defense expertise is unlike any in the country. Through extensive faculty capabilities, and a vast array of delivery modes (resident, video teleconference, web-based learning, traveling faculty and others), GSBPP is able to tailor any product to the needs of the defense sector.

To review research related to services acquisition, please visit the Acquisition Research Programs Data Base of Publication at For services specific research, please begin your search at


Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)

The Air Force Institute of Technology's School of Systems and Logistics has several courses that address Project Management (PM). They were built using both DoD and commercial industry references such as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Five (5) PM courses in particular are:

  • FPM101 - Fundamentals of Project Management
  • IPM301 -- Intermediate Project Management Skills Course
  • IPM350-- Industry Standard Project Management
  • SYS 190 -- AF Should Cost Fundamentals
  • WKS 649 -- PM Education and Consultation (Workshop tailored)

In addition to these 5 project management courses, the School has just over 100 courses in both live and DL modalities to address various functional specialties in the acquisition and sustainment environment. The School's full Course Catalog to include details on each course and registration instructions can be found at:

AFIT LS Proj Mgmt courses V3

For any specific questions about School courses, registration methods, or funding issues, please send them to the School's Registrar, Mr. Brian Fitch at or DSN 785-7777, ext 3214.


Army Logistics University (ALU)

Army Logistics University (ALU) is located in Fort Lee, VA with a mission of “delivering game-changing sustainment professionals to support unified land operations and generating force capability.” Additional useful ALU links include:

  • ALU’s list of courses currently available:

    Two courses of particular interest to anyone with a role in services acquisition should look on the ALU course listing for:
    • Operational Contract Support: This course provides excellent training for all DOD civilians and military personnel involved in requirements development. This is a ten-day resident course that prepares graduates to plan, manage and administer contract requirements and provides military the OCS preparation they need to support contingency operations. Army personnel receive the 3C skill identifier upon graduation. The course is taught at the Army Logistics University and at select on-site locations. Instruction includes online training, lectures, seminars, case studies and practical exercises. (Click here for a brochure with more details about this course.)
    • Contracting Officer’s Representative Course: Contracting Officer's Representative Course - The 40 hour Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Course provides the student with an overall view of the contracting process, to include contract administration, statutory laws and regulations that govern the contracting process. This course will provide the student with an overview of the acquisition process, teaming, ethics and integrity, authorities, contract classification, contract types, proper file documentation, performance assessment methods, remedies for poor performance, invoice requirements, contract modifications, and contract management



DoD ESI is an official DoD initiative sponsored by the DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) to lead in the establishment and management of enterprise COTS IT agreements, assets, and policies. DoD ESI lowers the total cost of ownership across the DoD, Coast Guard and Intelligence Communities for commercial software, IT hardware, and services. DoD ESI conducts on-site training courses and webinars on negotiating terms and conditions for software license and maintenance agreements. Further, they provide over 20 on demand training videos. Please visit their site at to view training dates and a full portfolio of training resources.


Federal Acquisition Institute

The Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) was established under the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act. The site offers links to education and training opportunities in both traditional and distance settings that are useful to personnel involved in services acquisitions.


Department of Labor

Prevailing Wage Conferences - These are free training sessions for government employees that cover the latest wage information; several different locations offered. Training charts are available on this website: