Functional Domain Experts

The Role of FDEs in Services Acquisition

Portfolios - FDE Membership and StructurePortfolios - FDE Membership and Structure

FDE Structure Diagram – There are a total of 12 FDEs appointed: one for each of the seven Services Portfolio Groups except for Knowledge Based Services, which are assigned by Portfolio Category

Membership Structure Transportation Services Logistics Management Services Equipment Related Services Electronics & Comm. Services Medical Services Facilities Related Services Engineering & Technical Services Program Management Services Management Support Services Administrative & Other Services Educational & Training Professional Services Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition Technology & Logistics

FDE DefinitionFDE Definition

Functional Domain Experts (FDEs) are OSD-level officials appointed by the USD(AT&L) or designee to serve as the DoD-level lead for his or her respective Service Portfolio or Portfolio Group. The FDE provides oversight of services acquisition in his or her category by:

  1. Providing strategic leadership of the domain to improve planning, execution, and collaboration to achieve greater efficiency and reduce costs.
  2. Ensuring that processes are in place to monitor post-award performance.
  3. Identifying and exporting best practices, leveraging small business capabilities, and employing lessons learned to improve the acquisition and management of services across their service category.
  4. Developing appropriate metrics to track cost, schedule, and performance of contracted services within their portfolio groups in order to leverage best practices, reduce redundant business arrangements, identify trends, and develop year-to-year comparisons to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of contracted services.
  5. Identifying opportunities for strategic sourcing across the services portfolio group or portfolio category that will reduce costs, man-hours and/or streamline the acquisition process.

FDE Appointment Letter – October 2013, USD(AT&L) memo: Appointment of Department of Defense Functional Domain Experts for Contracted Services Acquisition Management

FDE Kick Off Meeting Slides - November 25, 2013

FDE Engagement Meeting Slides – July 21, 2014- (click here to download PowerPoint viewer)